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What follows is an article that was posted in my company’s newsletter. It was the first time I went public with my mental illness. At that time, I had been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD.) In the interview, we didn’t talk about depression. I identify more with the label “depression” than I do OCD, but OCD is definitely part of the picture.

Florida Blue corporate newsletter article March 12, 2015:

Last April, Florida Blue’s #iCount campaign launched in the hopes that it would increase the number of employees self-identifying their veteran and disability statuses on Employee Central and to foster dialogue about ways to improve the employee experience and hiring of these and other diverse groups. More than 60 percent of employees have updated their statuses so far!

This latest article features Tracey Moore, business architect, who volunteered to share her experience as a person with a mental health disability; a topic many may shy away from discussing.

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